My mission is to give, for giving is what I do best. I will seek to learn, for learning is the basis for growth and growing is the key to living. I will seek first to understand, for understanding is the key to finding value and value is the basis for respect, decisions and action.

I want to help influence the future development of people and organizations. I want to teach my children and others to love and laugh, to learn and grow beyond their current bounds. I will build personal, business and civic relationships by giving frequently in little ways.

I see each day as a clean slate, a fresh chance to write a new script and seize new opportunities. I value life's experiences and seek to learn and grow from each one. In my daily endeavors, I avoid neither risk nor responsibility; nor do I fear failure, only lost opportunity. I seek to maintain balance and harmony in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of my life.

I am a responsible spouse, parent and grandparent; I give priority to these roles. I value differences and view them as strengths. I seek to build complementary win-win relationships with family, friends and business associates. To keep these relationships healthy and to maintain a high level of trust, I make daily "deposits" in the "emotional bank accounts" of others.

In my profession, I am responsible for results. I act with courage, consideration and discretion. I prefer to let my work speak for me and believe in achieving visibility through productivity. In planning my weeks and days, I focus on key roles and goals to maintain balance and perspective. Knowing that how I perform affects how I feel about myself, I seek to do my best.

I value my personal freedom of choice and my rights to exercise that freedom. I am more a product of my decisions than conditions. I do not allow present circumstances or past conditioning to determine my responses to the challenges I face. I choose to focus on the positive, to work within my circle of influence - to act directly on things I can do something about - and thereby reduce my circle of concern.

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