So, just who is Dave Benak?
His mission is to help others succeed…

David A. Benak owns and operates TrainingPays…a training and development company (established 2001) dedicated to the education, growth and success of corporate leaders, managers, supervisors and sales executives. A life-long learning coach and trainer, Dave spent his first 30 years of employment with an internationally known Fortune 500 Transportation Company (Consolidated Freightways). He specializes in leadership, sales, management and supervisory training as well as providing a variety of programs addressing some of today’s most critical business needs including: Work/Life Balance, Dealing with Stress, Successful Mentoring, Train-the-Trainer, Group Facilitation, Change Management, Customer Service and Teambuilding. All programs are designed to:

  • Improve customer service
  • Sell value-added products and services
  • Reduce expenses while increasing operating efficiency
  • Improve employee morale and attitude

Dave holds a BSBA degree from the University of San Francisco and has attended Columbia University in New York. He has taught at both Portland Community College in Portland, OR and Clark Community College in Vancouver, WA. He has been a member of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) for over 25 years and was a contributing writer to the Vancouver Business Journal (see “FYI” on website for copy of articles).

Career Highlights

  • Designed and implemented a formal Management Development Program leading to the advancement of key staff members, vice presidents and one individual who ultimately became President…

  • Survived seven different CEO’s, and successfully transitioned through completely different corporate cultures and styles of leadership…

  • Mentored and coached individuals from the warehouse to the boardroom; including people who advanced into senior management positions with major corporations throughout the country…

  • Helped steer the Company through “Deregulation” which forever changed the landscape of the transportation industry in terms of pricing, sales and marketing…

  • Involved in several acquisitions integrating new employees and providing a smooth transition of personnel policies and procedures…

  • Provided leadership, direction and stability during corporate re-organization following the “spin-off” of the “unionized” portion of the business in December 1996….

  • Directly involved in the “start-up” of Con-Way Transportation Company that (even today) ranks among the most successful “Start-Ups” in the motor carrier industry since deregulation…

Now as a coach and mentor; helps managers to improve profits with new skills and techniques in leadership, management, supervision and sales. His advice and education include teambuilding, managing change, customer service, work/life balance, sales and sales management, as well as communication skills.

Dave enjoys helping and influencing the future development of people and organizations. He likes working with people who have a genuine thirst for life-long learning and knowledge. “Learning is the basis for growth; and growth is the key to living a healthy, positive and successful life.”


“I would follow Dave Benak into war, and I’m a qualified expert in that arena…I don’t give that compliment lightly or frequently. Dave gave us inspiration. His ability to get everyone to participate in various discussions was outstanding. He makes you think!”

“Dave demonstrated excellent listening and coaching skills. He has excellent communication skills and promoted an atmosphere where candid and open discussions could take place. As a result of this, there was a free exchange of ideas.”

“Dave shed a new light on the importance that we must transcend our traditional role as managers and lead our people by example, which allows the employee to feel a sense of trust.”


David A. Benak at (951) 672-9330 (Office) or (360) 281-1009 (Cell) or

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