Open Welcome Letter to New Participants

Congratulations on investing your time to increase your knowledge. E. F. Hutton’s said it best:

“Never become satisfied with your current level of knowledge.”

Today is about reinforcing things you may already know, remembering things you’ve learned in the past and, most importantly, challenging yourself with new ideas and a commitment to change. It is common knowledge that if we are not learning and changing then we are falling behind. Put another way “you’re either green and growing or you’re brown and dying.” In our world today we must accept personal responsibility for our professional and personal development, while building a commitment to the development of others.

I challenge each of you to leave here today pursuing excellence. Personal excellence starts with relationships. All business involves dealing with people. They are your greatest asset; and, developing your skills and techniques in dealing with people must be your number one priority.

Today, 30% of the value will come from you choosing to involve yourself in the information and material presented. 70% of the value will come from what you do with it. Knowing something is one thing… applying what you know is another. It is my hope that today will inspire you to continue to invest in yourself and your personal development. A college degree is about how much you know; today is about how you can continue to learn as well as how you can apply what you learn.

If when you leave here today, you leave investing in yourself and your learning, you leave a winner. Tom Whatley tells us, “Continued success is the result of continued learning.” My job as a professional trainer/coach is to push you to invest in yourself and to show you how life-long learning can ensure your continued health, happiness and success.

John Maxwell said, “A leader without knowledge is like an engine without fuel.” George Washington Carver said, “99% of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.” You are a success—you are here. No excuses! Commit yourself to life-long learning and self-development.

Enjoy your day—a first step in your journey! Ask questions, give input, take notes and, above all, make this the day you decide not only to develop or learn new skills and techniques but to apply them in your daily activities. I wish you the best of luck in your chosen career.


David A. Benak

28287 Lone Mountain Court
Menifee, CA 92584-7409
Office: (951) 672-9330
Cell: (360) 281-1009

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