So, just who is Dave Benak?

David A. Benak owns and operates TrainingPays…a training and development company (established 2001) dedicated to the education, growth and success of corporate leaders, managers, supervisors and sales executives. A life-long learning coach and trainer, Dave spent his first 30 years of employment with an internationally known Fortune 500 Transportation Company (Consolidated Freightways). He specializes in leadership, sales ... [Read more]

Open Welcome Letter to New Participants

Today is about reinforcing things you may already know, remembering things you’ve learned in the past and, most importantly, challenging yourself with new ideas and a commitment to change. It is common knowledge that if we are not learning and changing then we are falling behind. Put another way “you’re either green and growing or you’re brown and dying.” In our world today we must accept personal responsibility for our professional ... [Read more]

Vancouver Business Journal Articles

View several articles written by Dave Benak published in the Vancouver Business Journal ... [Read more]

Find the Missing Puzzle Piece in Your Business

With 30-plus years of experience in training and development, let me show you ways to improve communications, job performance and profit. Practical "how-to" programs rich in content and with real "take-home" value will improve the attitude and morale of your employees. New employees as well as your most experienced and "seasoned" veterans will benefit from your investment. There has never been a better time ... [Read more]

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